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What is involved?

CT scan

The U-BIOPRED project will use a new technique, known as the ‘Omics technique’, in which a large number of measurements can be taken at one time. This allows researchers to identify all of the components and genes that play a role in the disease, which could be thousands.

These measurements will be put together using advanced mathematics to develop a ‘handprint’ of severe asthma sub-types.

The results from the people taking part will be compared with those found in laboratory experiments in order to gain the best understanding of the condition. Comparing the results between human, animal and test tube experiments is important as it ensures that the techniques and results are correctly identifying the biomarkers.

The aim is that these ‘handprints’ will give doctors much-needed information that will help them select the most effective treatment for each patient, and be able to predict the future course of their condition.

In ‘Meet the experts’, interviews with project members reveal what they are doing to contribute to the project and improve our understanding of severe asthma. 

Watch the U-BIOPRED slideshow PDF 595Kb (opens in a new tab) for more detailed information on the approach used in the project.