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The ultimate outcome of the project is to advance the understanding of asthma and create a handprint of severe asthma. To achieve these goals a number of other outcomes must be achieved first. These outcomes are to:

  1. Generate consensus and global standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  2. Create adult/paediatric groups of patients and collect and store their samples in biobanks
  3. Analyse and compare symptoms and biomarkers in samples from people with severe asthma and people without asthma
  4. Identify phenotypes affecting exacerbations, normal asthma and disease progression
  5. Generate phenotype “handprints”
  6. Validate the phenotype “handprints” by checking their accuracy
  7. Refine the phenotype “handprints” with pre-clinical and human exacerbation models
  8. Establish if the ‘handprints’ can predict responsiveness to treatments in two studies, to prove the validity of the concept, and in studies of new or existing drugs. These handprint trials will be compared against the current ‘best’ treatment
  9. Refine diagnostic criteria and phenotypes
  10. Establish a platform for exchange, education and dissemination of the projects results, resources and lessons learnt

For more detail and explanations of these outcomes, download the Objectives PDF 241Kb (opens in a new tab).

To find out what the project has achieved so far and to keep up to date on progress you can: