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Baseline data secured and available to researchers via tranSMART

An important milestone in the U-BIOPRED project has been reached, with quality control checks completed on the data taken from study participants at 17 different adult and paediatric sites.

With the data for 1,029 study participants now secured and available on the tranSMART data management platform, researchers can complete the clinical data analysis that is needed over the coming months.

TranSMART is providing a platform to both store and analyse data, working with U-BIOPRED’s partner Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project European Translational Information and Knowledge Management Services (eTRIKS) to ensure the ongoing high performance of tranSMART.

Following the initial analysis over the coming months, significant results are expected to be presented at conferences and in journal papers in 2014/15.

Quality control checks are also progressing for the follow-up visits that each study participant makes 12 months after their first. The project aims to have this data secured by the end of 2014, leaving 9 months to complete further detailed analysis on samples of blood, urine and sputum.

When all the data is analysed together, the final U-BIOPRED handprint will be formed, which will help researchers better understand the different subtypes of severe asthma to offer better and more personalised treatment to those affected.

Watch the interview with Ioannis Pandis for more about the systems approach to knowledge management and how it is being used in U-BIOPRED.