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Patient involvement in U-BIOPRED showcased at EUPATI workshop

U-BIOPRED: Working with patients to raise awareness of clinical trials in severe asthma

The EU project EUPATI held a workshop in Warsaw in April 2014, 'to devise strategies to equip Europeans with information and tools about how medicines are developed, and to encourage them to become more involved in the process.' EUPATI (European Patients' Academy on Therapeutic Innovation) invited patient groups, academia, industry, medicines regulators and doctors to submit posters about how they had worked to communicate research effectively. 

The aim of the poster display was to give participants opportunities to learn, interact and exchange with peers and other stakeholders in Europe on what has been achieved or is ongoing in efforts to communicate research projects and their results.  

The U-BIOPRED Patient Input Platform (PIP) in collaboration with the European Lung Foundation (ELF), were delighted that their poster was chosen for display. The poster presented:

The poster included a quotation from the Chairman of the PIP, David Supple “We’ve [PIP] been involved in guiding and building the messages of the project, in helping the researchers define the various characteristics [of asthma] so that it means more to the general public.” (Watch the full interview with David).

ELF thank EUPATI for the opportunity to raise awareness of U-BIOPRED and the involvement of patients as partners and communicators in clinical trials. 

See the poster - Working with patients to raise awareness of clinical trials in severe asthma: U-BIOPRED

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