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Ian Adcock and Sven-Erik Dahlén are planning to arrange a scientific workshop “U-BIOPRED: Past, present and future” to re-assemble both the founders and original partners of U-BIOPRED, new partners that have joined the U-BIOPRED Alliance, and other related initiatives.

The intention is to have presentations of the past, present and future of U-BIOPRED. Focus will also be placed upon how different initiatives can work together.  The organisers also want to highlight the assets of U-BIOPRED such as the dataset and the biobank and think about how we can use them to initiate of new projects.  They will, for example, explore how to interact with the new IMI project 3TR.

This face to face meeting will take place on the 27th-28th June 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Please register for this meeting via this form.