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EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion

The U-BIOPRED project was featured in the event "EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion", held by the University of Catania on 16th November 2015. 

The event brought the Bus of the European Commission to the beautiful location of University Square in Catania, as one of the 34 cities reached by the Bus, with the aim to provide European and international researchers with the information and support services that they need to follow a research career within Europe and further afield. A conference day was held at the Theatre “Machiavelli” in Catania at which hundreds of university researchers shared their experience with an audience of young people interested in the fascinating world of the research.

U-BIOPRED was selected as the European Project to represent the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Catania in the event. Dr. Massimo Caruso and Dr. Lia Emma, both actively involved in the IMI-EU funded project U-BIOPRED, presented their exciting and challenging research experience of looking for alternative treatments for severe asthma, a disease that affects thousands of people worldwide.

These young researchers said of UBIOPRED, "the results obtained from hundreds of patients across Europe, during six years, will lead the way to new therapies and personalized care for severe asthma. This project has been the largest and most important opportunity for professional growth for all the researchers involved, and who are committed to work for what they really believe in: the importance of research to improve lives.” 

Riccardo Polosa, Principal Investigator for UBIOPRED at the project for the University of Catania witnessed the enthusiasm and talent of many young Italian researchers saying that, “this large European project, has an ambitious scientific purpose, and had offered a unique work opportunity to more than ten researchers who have been actively engaged in conducting all project actions. I'm really proud of this - concluded - to have”.

Read the report on the event (in Italian).