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ERS monograph: Severe asthma

ERS monograph: Severe asthma

The European Respiratory Society has published a book on Severe Asthma as part of its ERS Monograph book series.

Guest Edited by Kian Fan Chung, Elliot Israel and Peter G. Gibson, the book covers all aspects of severe asthma – epidemiology, diagnosis, mechanisms, treatment and management, with a particular focus on recent understanding of mechanistic heterogeneity and ‘omics. How these advances have led to improved management targets is emphasised.

The book features a chapter that considers the lessons that can be learnt from U-BIOPRED, written by Scott S. Wagers, CEO and founder of BioSci Consulting (a U-BIOPRED project member).

This ERS Monograph brings together the clinical and scientific expertise of those from around the world who are collaborating to solve the problem of severe asthma.

Access the book online, or visit the ERS book shop to order a print copy.