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Art contest 2011

People with asthma were given the chance to express through art how it feels to live with the condition.

The competition was open to any person with asthma and all types of art work from dance, music and poetry, to paintings and photography were encouraged.

Entries were judged by the U-BIOPRED consortium to determine which entry best conveyed what it is like to have asthma.

The winning entry was from Marije Kootstra, aged 17 years, from The Netherlands:

Art contest winning entry

Marije talks about her piece: “I have more than 10 different medicines for my asthma, that I have to take almost every day.”

“I have already had two sessions of respiratory therapy, a nose operation and I have an appointment almost every month with the lung specialist in order to keep my asthma under control.”

“Unfortunately, this doesn't always work and I have been admitted to hospital a few times because of a serious asthma attack.”

Marije was invited to the ERS Amsterdam Congress on 24th September to receive her award and have her winning entry presented at the opening ceremony.