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Virtual Congress Challenge

Virtual Congress Challenge

Can you run, walk, cycle or swim your way to Congress during September? Take on our challenge and raise funds for Healthy Lungs for Life.

As you will not be travelling for this year’s ERS International Congress, we challenge you to #TakeTheActiveOption and count up your kilometres throughout the month of September, choosing a set target to aim for. You can choose the distance you would have travelled to Congress this year or from previous years or you can choose some of our chosen distances based on what ERS/ELF leadership have travelled for previous Congresses from their home towns.

Healthy lungs are more important than ever. Working individually, or as a team, count your kilometres and collect sponsorship as you go. 

How to take part

1. Individually or as a team

Decide whether you are working alone or whether you will create a team. 

2. Choose your distance

Choose a set distance from our list below, or pick your own milestone: 

3. Sign up to the challenge and create your Just Giving fundraising page

To sign up to the challenge, you will need to create an account on Just Giving so that you can collect sponsorship. Once your account is created, share the link with colleagues, friends and family to collect sponsorship to help you reach your goal and raise funds for the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign.  

Please let us know if you intend to fundraise offline so we can send a sponsorship form.

Set up your JustGiving page 

For instructions to sign-up as an individual, click here

For instructions to sign-up as a team, click here. 

4. Track your distance

You can use Strava (a tracking app) or keep a written record of your distance on your JustGiving page. 

You can choose any distance-based activity to count towards your goal. If you are working as a team, Strava allows you to track your kilometres as a group. Whether you are out for a walk, marching on the spot during virtual Congress sessions, or doing a bike ride, remember to track those steps and kilometres – it all counts towards your goal! 

Keep the distance you have covered up-to-date on your JustGiving page.

5. Share your photos

We would love to see how you are getting on during the challenge and it would be great to keep everyone up to date on the total km travelled – send us your photos on social media using the hashtags #VirtualCongressChallenge and #TakeTheActiveOption or by email at

Visit the JustGiving page where you can sponsor an individual or team taking part in the challenge:

Below you can find details of Healthy Lungs for Life activities at previous ERS International Congresses.