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Recommendations to reduce the health risks of air pollution

A summary of research published in the European Respiratory Journal

The evidence about the dangers of poor air quality is increasing each year. As we learn more about how harmful it can be, it has become clear that we need practical advice on how we can reduce our personal risk.

This article collects together the research published on this topic and provides recommendations on what can be done to protect our lung health from polluted air.

What did the study look at?

The authors conducted an in-depth search of the existing research on this topic using a variety of search terms. They then put together a list of recommendations based on what they found. The recommendations given are based on how strong the evidence is.

What do they recommend?

Recommendations to lower the risk of outdoor air pollution include:

Recommendations to lower the risk of household air pollution include:

Recommendations to lower your own personal risk:

Why is this important?

These recommendations provide a list of practical things people can do to lower the risk of harm caused by air pollution. In the full article, the authors grade the recommendations based on the strength of the evidence – some recommendations have more evidence to support them than others. Nonetheless the authors believe that all the recommendations can have a positive impact as even the smallest amounts of air pollution can be harmful.

Read the original research paper:

Title: Personal strategies to minimise effects of air pollution on respiratory health: advice for providers, patients and the public


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