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Healthy Lungs for Life grants: Plan for 2021

European Lung Foundation (ELF) offers grants to support Healthy Lungs for Life activities. Applications to apply for a grant will be open throughout the year.

Not-for-profit organisations, patient groups and healthcare professionals will be able to apply for a grant of up to €1,000 to support events and activities that meet one or more of the aims of the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign.

Applications will open in January 2021 and will remain open throughout the year. Each year, there will be two cut off dates:

At each cut-off date, the ELF team will collect all applications submitted since the previous cut-off date, anonymise them and send them to the Healthy Lungs for Life team for judging. The applications that the team assess to have the most impact will be offered a grant. The amount that is provided will depend on the cost to carry out the activities.

We encourage applicants to link activities to awareness days related to their chosen topics.

Detailed criteria for grant eligibility can be found in the Application Criteria for Healthy Lungs for Life grants.

Access the Terms & Conditions for receiving a Healthy Lungs for Life grant.