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Healthy Lungs for Life Amsterdam map

Healthy Lungs for Life Amsterdam map


On this page you can download the Healthy Lungs for Life cycling and walking routes for Amsterdam – specific routes with good air quality. Furthermore you will find 10 top tips about air quality and exercise. 

Download the Healthy Lungs for Life map.

Find out more about the quality of air along the routes and the changes that have been made to avoid air pollution “hot spots”.

Read our 10 top tips on how to take the active option in the best possible air

Although Healthy Lungs for Life will focus on physical activity in 2015/2016, the previous theme is still in the forefront of our minds – we need to keep active – but we must ensure that we breathe clean air whilst doing so!

Prior to the ERS International Congress 2015 in Amsterdam, volunteers from Longfonds and local universities monitored air quality along a cycling and a walking route in the city of Amsterdam. These routes were followed by volunteers daily over a course of 4 weeks to ensure that a full picture of the air quality was mapped on different days, in different weathers.

Air quality was based on measurements of black carbon taken with equipment supplied by VITO. When these data were combined with the annual exposure levels based on air pollution models from TNO, the team was able to modify and alter the routes to ensure that all bad air quality hotspots could be avoided and two Healthy Lungs for Life routes were developed. The routes have been incorporated into the city tourist map by iAmsterdam available through the links above.

There is an obvious link between physical activity and clean air. When performing physical activity, breathing rate is increased. Even with moderate intense exercise, ventilation is doubled or tripled over resting levels, and hence airways are more exposed to pollutants when exercising. Download the 10 top tips above to learn how you can best protect your lungs while being active!