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Air quality

Air quality


Clean air means air free from particulate matter, pathogens, smoke and dangerous gases. We all have little control over the air that we breathe, but learning more about the quality of air and its impact can help people to find the best way to protect themselves. To test your knowledge of clean air, take our Healthy Lungs for Life 'Clean Air' quiz.

The Air Pollution Pop game is a fun way to help children understand which factors contribute to poor air quality and what helps people to breathe clean air for healthier lungs.

Read our key statistics and infographics below to learn more about the importance of clean air. The statistics are taken from the European Lung White Book, published by the European Respiratory Society and a concise version of this publication, produced by the European Lung Foundation and entitled Lung Health in Europe

Read the World Health Organisation (WHO)'s committment paper on improving air quality: A combined action on air quality by medical societies and patient organisations