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Event toolkits

You can support the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign by holding a World Spirometry Day event with the theme of  'Breathe clean air'.  You are encouraged to hold an event at a time that works for you, in your hospital or surgery, or in a public place (perhaps at a place that you know to have high or low pollution levels), such as a city centre or a park. 

Spirometry tests are an important tool in diagnosis and condition management, and can help patients understand the impact of indoor and outdoor environments on their lungs.

Previously, World Spirometry Day events have been held across the globe in 2010 and 2012. In 2012, more than 760 events took place in 70 countries, with 73 spirometry training events held in both low and high income countries. We aim to further improve on these figures with the 2014 campaign. 

You can find all the resources you might need to run an event below. You can also look at the WSD2012 official report. The editorial on the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign, in this edition of the ERS publication, Breathe, may also give you some ideas on how to use the theme in your event.