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The ultimate aim of AirPROM is to bridge the gaps in our clinical management of airways disease, by providing reliable models that predict disease progression and the response to treatment for each person with asthma or COPD.

At the end of this 5-year research project, we aim to have a patient-specific model that can be used to provide:

The models created will be sophisticated tools run by an expert centre, rather than a computer program used on a desktop PC. The modelling process will still require some human input, such as taking samples and setting up the equipment, but the project aims to reduce the time it takes to find the best treatment for an individual from a matter of weeks to just a few hours.

AirPROM will significantly advance personalised medicine, by developing technologies in individual models and techniques in assessing different types of a disease, known as phenotyping.

The project will also leave the important legacy of a comprehensive database of asthma and COPD information brought together from several EU projects to be used in future research.