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Study reveals the benefits of singing for people with lung conditions

Study reveals the benefits of singing for people with lung conditions

Researchers from London, UK have found that community singing groups can help reduce breathlessness and increase wellbeing among people living with long-term lung conditions.

The study was presented earlier this week (Wednesday 2 December, 2015) at the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting.

The scientists were interested in finding out whether regularly attending a singing group on a long-term basis would help people with lung conditions to have a better quality of life. The study involved 16 people with lung conditions, who attended a weekly hour-long singing group for periods ranging from 6–15 months.

Participants in the study were asked to report on their health and wellbeing, and reported improvements in a range of areas, including managing their breathlessness, better mental health and developing new friendships and a community.

A number of participants noted that in the year after they joined the programme, they made fewer trips to their doctor and had reduced symptoms of breathlessness.

This type of singing group is growing in popularity across the UK, with the support of the British Lung Foundation, and it is hoped that they could be replicated across Europe to support more people living with lung conditions.

Read the press release.