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Read the latest travel recommendations for people with bronchiectasis

A bronchiectasis diagnosis does not mean you have to stop travelling, whether on holiday or for business. People with bronchiectasis can travel by thinking ahead, and talking to their doctor about their plans.

In response to requests for specialist advice on travelling, ELF worked with EMBARC (a research network that focusses on bronchiectasis) to produce some travel recommendations specifically for people with bronchiectasis.

Members of the ELF bronchiectasis patient advisory group and e-panel developed questions about travel, which ELF staff collated into a questionnaire. This was then given to a panel of bronchiectasis healthcare experts.  Where 80% or more of experts agreed on a response, a recommendation was made.

The recommendations include guidance about destinations, medication and chest clearance while travelling, documentation, insurance and activity limitations.

These travel recommendations have been published in ERJ Open Research and a summary FAQ version has been added to the bronchiectasis patient priorities website on the 'Self-management' information page.

There are also a number of resources on the ELF website to help people who may need medical oxygen to travel.


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