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Madrid bans old cars from city centre to tackle air pollution

Madrid bans old cars from city centre to tackle air pollution

Madrid City Council has recently set vehicle restrictions in the city centre of Madrid to reduce emissions. They aim to cut air pollution by up to 40%.

The city’s new policy will require drivers to measure their vehicles’ emission levels. Less polluting cars will receive an ‘eco label’, allowing them to drive freely through the city centre and use public car parks with no time limits.

Other vehicles, including diesel vehicles made before 2006 and petrol vehicles made before 2000, will only be able to enter the low emission zone if they register in advance and have access to private parking.

It is estimated that this new policy will affect 20% of cars that enter the city centre, ultimately encouraging more people to walk, cycle and use public transport.

Many other major cities across Europe, including Paris, London and Stockholm, have introduced similar policies in recent years to tackle air pollution and create a cleaner and healthier environment.

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