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Join us at the ERS Congress 2020 in Vienna

ELF is looking forward to welcoming patients and patient organisations at this year’s ERS International Congress, which will take place from 5–9 September 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

To support trips to the ERS Congress, ELF offers travel bursaries of €350 or €700 to representatives of organisations that are part of the ELF patient organisation network.

This year, we will be bringing forward the registration process in order to help patients and patient organisations plan their trip to Vienna in good time. This includes registration to the ELF Patient Organisation Networking Day and travel bursary applications.

ELF Patient Organisation Networking Day is an annual event held during the ERS Congress. It brings together representatives from a wide range of respiratory patient organisations across Europe and is an opportunity to share good practice, ideas and build partnerships. Activities on the day include: visionary speakers; presentations on innovative practices; discussions on important topics; and some fun activities.

Registration to attend the ELF Patient Organisation Networking Day will open on 2 March 2020. If you are attending the day, you may be eligible to apply for a travel bursary. More information about bursary eligibility will be available in due course.

If you would like to attend other parts of the ERS Congress, you must register via the ERS Congress website, which opens on 7 April 2020.

The deadline to apply for a bursary is Friday 17 April 2020.

The deadline to register to attend ELF Patient Organisation Networking Day is Tuesday 30 June 2020.


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