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First clinical guidance on ataxia-telangiectasia in children published

First clinical guidance on ataxia-telangiectasia in children published

A group of experts has published the first ever clinical guidance document on treating ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) in children.

A-T is a rare and complex genetic disorder that affects different parts of the body in a number of ways. One of the key characteristics of A-T is that it weakens the immune system, leaving people with the disorder open to infections which can cause damage to the lungs. Lung disease is the leading cause of death among people with A-T. It also causes physical disability and significantly shortens the lives of people affected.

Given that A-T is such a rare disorder, it is still poorly understood by many people. The new document, published by the A-T Society in the UK, aims to provide healthcare professionals as well as those caring for children with A-T with information on its symptoms and how it should be treated.

Although the document has been produced in the UK, the experts believe that the information on treatment is relevant across Europe, particularly in countries where patients do not attend a central clinic for the disorder.

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