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Exposure to bleach could be linked to lung infections among children

Exposure to bleach could be linked to lung infections among children

Researchers in Europe have found that children who are exposed to bleach at home could suffer from more lung infections.

The study, published in the journal, Occupational & Environmental Medicine, looked into the impact of bleach in the homes of 9,102 children from The Netherlands, Spain and Finland.

The children’s parents filled in questionnaires which asked whether they cleaned their homes with bleach once a week or more, and how often their children had had infections including bronchitis, flu, pneumonia and sinusitis during the past year.

The researchers observed that children living in homes regularly cleaned with bleach developed more infections than those whose homes weren’t cleaned with the product.

They also noted that the use of bleach varied from country to country: 72% of participants from Spain said that they used bleach regularly at home, compared to 7% of respondents from Finland.

While the study only collected basic information about the use of bleach in the home, the scientists believe that their findings add support to existing evidence that links cleaning products and lung infections. They suggest that further research into this potential relationship be carried out.

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