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European Parliament moves further with clean air law

European Parliament moves further with clean air law

Yesterday (15 July, 2015), MEPs from the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee of the European Parliament voted to toughen a proposed law that could improve air quality in Europe.

The law, known as the National Emission Ceilings (NEC) Directive, aims to cap the levels of certain air pollutants in each country in the European Union. If this was adhered to, it could benefit the health – particularly the lung health – of people living in Europe.

The MEPs voted for more ambitious targets despite lobbying from agricultural and industrial sectors.

The proposed law now includes legally binding emission reduction targets for 2025. It also adds ammonia, methane and mercury to the list of pollutants covered, alongside PM2.5, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide.

The European Parliament will vote on whether to pass the proposed law in October. It could face strong opposition.

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