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Do you have a lung condition and experience of cardiopulmonary exercise testing?

Do you have a lung condition and experience of cardiopulmonary exercise testing?

A group of health professionals are working together within a European Respiratory Society (ERS) guideline group to develop a technical standard which will set out the best way to complete exercise testing for people with a chronic lung condition.

We are looking for people with experience of cardiopulmonary exercise testing to input their views and make sure the new standard is appropriate.

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing is used by doctors to assess how a person’s heart and lungs perform when they are resting and during exercise. The test can help doctors to diagnose many different heart and lung conditions, and can also help with rehabilitation following illness. It typically involves completing some incremental exercise on an exercise bike or treadmill, while breathing and heart rates are monitored.

The Task Force aims to agree on one or two cycle/treadmill cardiopulmonary exercise testing methods which will allow people of all ages and with different lung conditions and various degrees of impairment to be assessed in the same way. The standard will be based on a review of published literature and a consensus meeting where the perspectives of healthcare professionals and patients will be considered.

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