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Do you have a long-term cough? Help us inform new guidelines to improve treatment and care

Do you have a long-term cough? Help us inform new guidelines to improve treatment and care

We are working on a new project (Task Force) to produce clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough. Guidelines are recommendations for all health professionals on the best way to treat and care for people with a specific condition. Although they are not a legal requirement, guidelines can help guide doctors and health professionals, and make sure that patients get the best possible care.

We would like to invite patients and carers with experience of chronic cough to get involved in the Task Force. This will help to make sure that patients’ needs and experiences are taken into account, and that the guidelines tackle the questions which matter to them.

Patient input

To support this project, we have set up a Patient Advisory Group (PAG), formed of people living with chronic cough from across Europe. PAG members can come from any European country and we aim to recruit a broad range of representatives. The working language of the PAG is English.

Recruitment to the group is still open and we are particularly interested in hearing from men, and from people outside of the UK affected by chronic cough.

What’s involved?

As a member of the cough PAG, you would get involved in developing new guidelines for how chronic cough is diagnosed and treated. You will be asked to share your perspective on all aspects of the guidelines, including for example, what aspects of chronic cough impact most on your daily life, your thoughts on treatment and any side effects from medications, and aspects of cough that may not have previously been studied.

The group will meet regularly by teleconference and also communicate by email. Some meetings will also take place face to face within Europe.

We would like to hear from you if you have:

Any costs for getting involved in the PAG, such as telephone calls, travel and accommodation costs will be covered in line with our expenses policy. Please note that this is a voluntary role, and we are unable to pay for your time.

How to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to find out more, please email Courtney Coleman, ELF patient involvement and engagement. 

Please get in touch before Friday 25 August, 2017.