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Elderly woman in park

Asthma may lead to increased risk of frailty in older adults

A new study published in the British Medical Journal, Open Respiratory Research has found that people with asthma may be at a higher risk of becoming frail as they age.

In this study, becoming frail meant that a person suffered from at least three of the following:

Becoming frail is something that researchers and clinicians are working hard to combat; this is because people are living much longer than they used to. It is important to learn how to keep people healthy as they age so they can enjoy a good quality of life.

The study looked at information about a group of people who have been followed for over 26 years. Each year, these people took part in a survey which asked questions about their health. Those who wrote that they had asthma were more likely to become frail.  

The reasons why people with asthma are more likely to become frail is not yet known but this study shows why we need more research in this area. It also highlights the importance of good asthma control and regular exercise.

Read the full article.

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