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Largest ever IMI2 immunology project launched

The largest ever Innovative Medicine Initiative 2 (IMI2) immunology project launched this week.  The project is called 3TR and it will focus on autoimmune, inflammatory and allergic and chronic diseases.

The IMI is a public-private partnership that works to speed up the development of better and safer medicines for patients. ERS and the European Lung Foundation have been involved in previous IMI projects, and ERS will lead 3TR in its respiratory component via the ERS Science Council Chair, Christopher Brightling.

3TR will bring together interdisciplinary experts from 69 academic and industrial partner institutions covering 15 European countries, and will include clinical data from over 50,000 patients who have previously participated in more than 50 clinical trials.

The aims of this project are to provide insights into the mechanisms of response and non-response to treatment across seven different immune-mediated diseases, and to explore and verify stratification biomarkers in order to improve patient management.

All data generated within the project will be gathered on a centralised data management platform. The latter will enable detailed and comprehensive, state-of-the-art bioinformatics and biostatistics analyses based on machine learning and dynamic, mechanistic methods.

Visit the 3TR project website:


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