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Lung disease & information

The European Lung Foundation (ELF) provides reliable information about a range of lung diseases and their risk factors. 

This information is taken from the European Lung White Book; a comprehensive publication highlighting the impact of lung diseases in Europe, published by the European Respiratory Society. Each section has been reviewed by an expert from the European Respiratory Society to ensure it is accurate and reliable. ELF have produced a concise version of this publication containing the key facts and figures, entitled 'Lung Health in Europe'.


Dowload a promotional poster (pdf) to help signpost people to this information.

Download a free copy of ‘Lung Health in Europe’ (pdf) or visit the lung disease and risk factors pages to download individual infographics. The book is now available in CroatianCzech, FrenchGerman, ItalianGreek, Latvian, PolishSpanishRussian and Turkish.

Download a free slideset (ppt)  to help you share the key messages of the publication. These slidesets are available in all the website languages and also in Croatian, Czech, Latvian and Turkish.