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Possible new route for asthma treatment discovered

Possible new route for asthma treatment discovered

Scientists in the USA have found a potential new target for treating people’s asthma.

Researchers wanted to find out whether SPLUNC1, a type of substance found in the body called a protein that is known to play a role in people with cystic fibrosis, could be involved in asthma.

In their study, published in the journal, Nature Communications, the scientists compared the sputum (phlegm) samples of people with asthma with those of people who do not have the condition. They found that the levels of this protein were very low in people who have asthma.

The researchers then looked at the levels of this protein in a group of mice who were given asthma-like symptoms. The levels were, again, low. Then, when the mice had their levels of the protein topped up, their asthma symptoms stopped.

Further research is needed to prove the link between this protein and asthma, but the researchers believe that their findings could pave the way for new treatment options.

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